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Drawing on a respected background as a successful entrepreneur creative marketing legend and producer extraordinaire, Syd provides a distinctly unique perspective for the Brand Voice principal team.

After a series of early creative successes, from Hollywood screenwriter to award- winning advertising producer, Syd started a joint venture in 1988 with John Labatt Ltd., called Supercorp. Under his leadership, Supercorp grew from $10M annual revenue to over $150M in just four years, becoming the commercial production industry's unrivaled leader, owning enterprises like HYP&N; Media Buying Services, The Partners Film Company, The Animation House, Sounds Interchange Recording Studios, and the Air Company. Supercorp controlled 68% of all advertising production in Canada and and 2% of the TV commercial production business in the U.S.

Syd is also one of the "bricks and clicks" pioneers in North America.

In 1994, he created The Kessler Group to address a growing need in the advertising community to move away from the broadcast advertising model, with its inherent inability to deliver measurable results, to a new advertising model called narrowcasting. The Kessler Group secured contracts with such notable American firms as Dow Jones, Wal*Mart and US West. On the heels of this success, Syd became Co-Director of KPMG e-commerce practice in 1997.

Syd was recently inducted into the Marketing Hall of Legends.

Through their holding company, Brand Voice Inc., along with his partner and son, Jacob, Syd now spends his time identifying, investing and then mentoring new businesses and organizations, principally in the entertainment, advertising, and insight research industries in Canada and the U.S.

He is a founding member of NABS, the National Advertising Benevolent Society, which looks after the well-being of advertising professionals, and founding member of Kids Help Phone.

He is also a prolific author on the topic of consciousness and behaviour.

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A partner in Brand Voice Inc., Jacob has spent the last thirteen years as an entrepreneur in the entertainment, advertising, and insight industries, building successful enterprises with his father, Syd Kessler.

Jacob has taken on different roles in these organizations, including general manager, business and marketing strategist, creative thinker, and producer.

Jacob has been involved and led over 500 productions throughout his career across multiple media, from traditional TV, radio, stereoscopic 3D, out of home, and online. He has serviced verticals like media and entertainment, retail, QSR, education, not for profit, pharmaceutical and health care, consumer packaged goods, and travel.

Jacob has managed client initiatives, servicing verticals including media and entertainment, education, not for profit, pharmaceutical and health care, consumer packaged goods, and travel. Some of the clients he has worked with include Audi, Live Nation, Abbott Labs, Canadian Olympic Foundation, Spider-Man: The Musical, Canadian Red Cross, Havergal College, and Renova. Jacob was part of the team that launched Plan Canada's 'Because I am a Girl' movement across Canada.

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